Alleged mis-selling of memberships at Hull City 07.09.17 818k  

On 15 May 2017 the complainant emailed the Club with his complaints about the failure to provide certain benefits, including prize draws, member only events and the award of loyalty points.

  The termination of memberships at Tottenham Hotspur 03.07.17 805k  

A season ticket holder complained that Tottenham had unjustly terminated the Club memberships of himself, his wife and his son.

  The treatment of a disabled visitor at Charlton Athletic 23.06.17 795k  

A man who is confined to a wheelchair complained that he was treated offensively and insultingly by a steward at Charlton Athletic.

  The relocation of a season ticket holder at West Ham United 08.05.17 292k  

A long standing West Ham United season ticket holder complained that he was unreasonably relocated from his seat at the London Stadium and that he was not provided with the reasons to his satisfaction.

  Entrance arrangements and stewarding at the Burton Albion v Birmingham City match, 21 October 2016 08.03.17 289k  

A Birmingham City supporter complained on behalf of himself and his brother that at the match at Burton Albion they had been unable to access the terrace until just before half-time.

  Stewarding at the Reading v Bristol City match, November 2016 13.02.17 311k  

Two Bristol City supporters complained that their enjoyment of the match at Reading was impaired by shortcomings in stewarding, particularly the failure to deal with standing supporters who refused to occupy their allocated seats.

  A season long ban at Newport County 18.01.17 270k  

A Newport County supporter complained that the Club had been unable to overturn a disproportionate season long ban on him attending matches at Rodney Parade, imposed by the Club’s landlords.

  A complaint about the suspension of season tickets at Arsenal 31.12.16 307k  

A season ticket holder complained that Arsenal had unjustly confiscated four Club season tickets, seven silver memberships, two cannon Clubs and several associated match tickets previously purchased belonging to him and his family, the value of which amounted to approximately £3,400.

  Misleading information from West Ham United in relation to the opportunity to view personalised stones at the London Stadium 23.11.16 123k  

A lady complained that the Club had given her misleading information about the opportunity to view the “Champions Place” stone she had purchased for her partner, as a result of which she had incurred expenditure without having been able to view the stone.

  Leicester City’s handling of seat reallocation 18.11.16 368k  

A longstanding Leicester City season ticket holder complained that inadequate planning had caused the Club to inform him wrongly that he would have to vacate his regular seat and that they had then mishandled his complaint over the matter.

  A complaint about the suspension of a season ticket at Manchester United 17.11.16 291k  

A season ticket holder complained that Manchester United had unjustly suspended his season ticket and banned him for three years.

  Rescheduling of Arsenal V Leicester City for TV purposes 14.10.16 305k  

Complainant A and his daughter complained separately that, as travelling home supporters, they had bought train tickets five weeks in advance of the fixture, a couple of weeks after the TV fixtures for the relevant weekend had been announced.

  A request for a refund for the Leeds United v Middlesbrough match, February 2016 28.09.16 315k  

A long standing Leeds United season ticket holder complained that the Leeds United v Middlesbrough Championship fixture had been subject to an unreasonably late change of date in order to permit the match to be shown live by Sky television.

  A complaint about the new membership scheme at Hull City 21.09.16 309k  

A long standing Hull City season ticket holder complained that the Club’s membership scheme introduced for the 2016-17 season was to his serious disadvantage.

  Request for a refund for blocked view by standing supporters at Chelsea 12.09.16 287k  

A Chelsea supporter who travels from Northern Ireland to see the matches at Stamford Bridge complained that at two games at the end of the 2015-16 season he and his wife were unable to see the match because of supporters standing in front of them.

  Bristol City’s refusal of a refund in respect of a carer's season ticket 30.08.16 808k  

A lady complained she and her husband had paid around £2500 more than they needed through the Club’s failure to advise that he could have a free season ticket as the carer of their disabled son.

  A three year ban at Manchester United 18.07.16 356k  

A Manchester United supporter complained that the Club had unreasonably deprived him of his season ticket and had imposed a three year ban.

  Entry refused at Manchester City 12.07.16 146k  

A Millwall fan, a 65 years’ old retired school teacher, complained that on 12 December 2015 he and a group of friends had been refused entry at Manchester City after the match at Oldham, which they had been due to attend, had been postponed at relatively short notice.

  The FA’s handling of a complaint of alleged victimisation and maladministration by a County Football Association 28.06.16 794k  

A life member of a CFA complained about the way in which the FA had handled his complaint about the actions of his local CFA.

  The FA’s handling of a complaint about bullying and victimisation of a child 27.06.16 96k  

Mr and Mrs A complained to the IFO that the FA had not completed a thorough or timely report into their complaint about their son’s football club.

  The use of a voucher at Colchester United 23.06.16 807k  

On 6 March 2016 a Colchester United season ticket holder complained that, despite repeated requests, he had not received a response from the Club to a complaint he had made on 20 January.

  The appeals process at arsenal for stadium bans 08.06.16 112k  

A long-standing Arsenal fan who had been given a five year stadium ban complained that his appeal was not properly considered and that the Club’s process was not open and transparent.

  The FA’s handling of a claim of alleged victimisation and maladministration by a local league and a county football association 20.04.16 90k  

A long standing manager of a local football club complained of victimisation by the League within which his team played, which was also exemplified in the actions of the County Football Association (CFA). He further complained about maladministration by the League and the CFA. He alleges that the FA took no action to deal with his concerns.

  The Premier League's handling of a claim for compensation resulting from match rescheduling 08.03.16 795k  

A man complained that the Premier League had refused to compensate him for a financial loss of £55 caused by rescheduling at very short notice of the Southampton v West Ham United fixture which took place on Saturday 6 February 2016.

  The FA’s handling of a parents’ complaint regarding alleged bullying of their son 29.02.16 90k  

The parents of a 15 year old boy complained that he had been victimised by a senior official at his local club after unproven allegations were made against him relating to external events nothing to do with the activities of the club.

  The FA's response to claims of abuse, bullying and county FA malpractice 11.02.16 106k  

Two complainants allege that the FA has presided over a corrupt county FA (The CFA) and ignored discrimination, abuse, and a failure to follow rules and regulations, by failing to carry out a proper investigation into the events surrounding their complaints.

  A request for a refund for cancelled England tickets 26.01.16 78k  

A member of the England Supporters Travel Club complained that he was refused a refund when he cancelled his tickets for the San Marino v England match. He specifically complains that he was not informed or reminded about the rules on the time limit for cancellations.

  The FA’s handling of a complaint about a county FA's investigation of abuse 25.01.16 811k  

A man complained about the way in which the FA had handled his complaint about the failure of his local CFA to investigate properly the reporting of abuse of his 15 year old son.

  Request for compensation following the Blackpool v Huddersfield Town match on 2 May 2015 21.12.15 119k  

The Blackpool v Huddersfield Town match took place on 2 May 2015, which was the final match-day for the 2014-15 Championship season. Soon after half time between 100 and 200 apparently Blackpool supporters (including one man in a wheel chair) congregated near the centre circle as part of a protest against the Club’s family owner.

  The FA’S handling of a dispute over affiliation 07.08.15 811k  

A grassroots football club complained that the FA had not granted their claim of parentage to the City CFA in which the Club is based, despite all the evidence which showed, on the balance of probabilities, that their first affiliation was with the City CFA, not the County FA.

  Request for refunds & customer service standards at Blackpool 16.07.15 809k  

A number of Blackpool supporters complained that they were unfairly induced into buying one or two-year season tickets and that they had been unable to obtain the refunds to which they believed they were entitled.

  A five year ban at Arsenal 17.04.15 153k  

An Arsenal supporter who has followed the Club since childhood complained that he was given a wholly unjustified five year ban, following what he deemed to be a non-football related public order offence.

  The Everton fans forum 14.04.15 131k  

An Everton supporter who unsuccessfully applied to be a candidate for election to the Everton Fans Forum complained that the process was “flawed and completely undemocratic”.

  The FA's handling of a complaint 24.03.15 799k  

A man complained about the way in which the FA had handled his complaint about the actions of his daughter’s football team, the league in which it played and the local CFA.

  The renewal of a five year ban at Stoke City 04.02.15 804k  

A long standing Stoke City supporter complained that, having served the full term of a five year ban for ticketing irregularities, he was banned for a further five years.

  Restricted view seats at Walsall 26.11.14 809k  

A Bradford City supporter complained that the tickets which he had purchased at full price from Walsall were for seats with a restricted view, and that stewards had told him that he and his partner must sit in the seats allocated to them.

  The Football Association's handling of a complaint about the actions of a referee 31.10.14 874k  

The Assessment Coordinator of a football league complained that the FA had not taken disciplinary action against a referee despite having been provided with evidence of his misconduct.

  Verbal abuse at the Arsenal v Everton cup tie in March 2014 31.07.14 804k  

An Everton supporter now based in the south of England complained that he had been verbally abused by Arsenal supporters, causing great distress to his party.

  Ticket prices for away fans 25.06.14 806k  

A Shrewsbury Town supporter complained that he was charged more for his son’s ticket at Walsall than would have been charged for home fans.

  An accident at the Southampton v Stoke City match in May 2013 24.06.14 169k  
    A Stoke City supporter now living in the South of England complained about an accident which befell her late mother at St Mary’s Stadium, while attending the last match of the 2012-13 season. .  
  An ejection at Leeds United in March 2013 24.03.14 807k  
    A long standing Leeds United supporter, who travels to matches at Elland Road from his home in Grantham, complained that he was wrongly ejected, having been falsely accused of making a racist remark.  
  Lifetime ban for a Manchester United supporter 14.03.14 811k  
    A longstanding Manchester United fan complained that the Club had withdrawn his season ticket, without giving a refund for games missed, and had given him a lifetime ban from attending Old Trafford for any form of event, which he considered unfair and disproportionate.  
  The FA's handling of a warning given over a non-footballing incident 18.10.13 139k  
    A football referee complained that the FA had failed to explain why he had been issued with a severe warning over a non-footballing incident and had not dealt with his subsequent enquiries fully or correctly.  
  Ejection at the Brighton v Bristol City match
27 November 2012
17.09.13 820k  
    A longstanding Brighton season ticket holder complained that he was unjustifiably ejected at the home match against Bristol City.  
  An ejection at Queens Park Rangers in January 2013 17.09.13 111k  
    A visiting Manchester City supporter complained that he was unreasonably ejected by Queens Park Rangers stewards in January 2013.  
  Stewarding at Queens Park Rangers 03.09.13 111k  
    A long standing QPR season ticket holder complained that during the 2012-13 season, he was being victimised by stewards at the Club.  
  The withdrawal of a season ticket at Everton 25.07.2013 843k  
    An Everton supporter complained that the Club had withdrawn his season ticket even though none of the allegations made against him related to incidents within Goodison Park and he had not breached any of the Ground Regulations.  
  The FA's handling of a safeguarding case 01.07.2013 803k  
    A parent who wished to assist in the running of his son’s football team complained about the inordinate delay and unfairness in the FA’s handling of his application for approval to become involved.  
  Alleged failure by the FA to follow the standard code of rules fairly 24.06.2013 911k  
    The Chairman of a local Sunday Football League (the League) complained that the FA had failed to implement their own Standard Code of Rules (SCOR) fairly, as a result of which the League had been treated less favourably than other leagues.  
  The alleged use of excessive force by a steward at Middlesbrough 03.04.2013 799k  
    A long standing Middlesbrough supporter complained that her 13 year old son had been the subject of excessively forceful stewarding at the Football League match versus Huddersfield Town in November 2012.  
  Ejection at Birmingham City 22.03.2013 817k  
    A Huddersfield Town fan complained that on Saturday 6 October 2012 he had been unjustifiably ejected immediately after he had passed through the turnstiles at St Andrew’s stadium, and that he had subsequently been the subject of mistaken identity.  
  Disturbances at the Championship Play-Off match, Wembley 31.01.2013 877k  
    Two Blackpool supporters, Ms A and Mr B, complained that their day at Wembley for the Championship Play-Off match (between Blackpool and West Ham United) was ruined by the behaviour of West Ham fans who were seated in the Blackpool sections of the stadium. Both demanded a refund of their ticket price for the whole of their party.  
  Wheelchair supporter's view obstructed by substitutes at Bristol City 02.01.2013 810k  
    A Bristol City wheelchair supporter complained that, following a Football League change in practice regarding where substitutes are permitted to warm up, a significant part of his view of the pitch had been blocked off, and that, despite his complaints, neither the club nor the League had done anything to rectify the situation.  
  The Cancellation of a Membership Card at Liverpool 24.11.2012 745k  
    A long-standing Liverpool supporter based in Dublin complained that he had been unfairly deprived of his membership card after it had inadvertently come into the possession of another person.  
  Ejection of a minor at Blackpool 10.08.2012 752k  
    A long standing Sheffield Wednesday supporter complained that his 15 year old son had been unfairly ejected at the Blackpool v Sheffield Wednesday cuptie in January 2012.  
  A request for a cash refund from West Ham United 16.07.2012 789k  
    A woman supporter, who had bought tickets for a West Ham United home game, learned that the kick-off time had been brought forward, which meant that she and her partner were unable to attend the match.  
  A demand for compensation from Manchester United after being unable to see because of fans standing 20.06.2012 758k  
    A Norwich City fan, who was pregnant at the time, complained that she had been unable to watch her club’s match at Old Trafford because the spectators in front of her had stood persistently and, despite her protests to stewards, they had neither attempted to rectify the situation nor agreed to her requests to be re-seated.

  The FA's handling of a parent's complaint about safeguarding 17.05.2012 753k  
    A The father of a youth team player complained that his son and other children had been the victim of bullying and abuse at his club. He alleges that neither the club nor the county FA, to which he referred his complaint, had dealt properly with the case.

  Exclusion of a fan following incident at Brighton v Crystal Palace 27/09/11 21.03.2012 770k  
    A 35 years’ old Brighton fan, who has been a season ticket holder for 24 years, complained that he had unjustly been given a ban excluding him from Brighton matches until the end of the 2012/13 season. He also complained that the club had failed to reactivate his membership card so that his nominees could attend matches, thus causing him a financial loss.

  Refusal of entry at Blackpool FC, 17 August 2011 05.03.2012 792k  
    A Derby County supporter (whom we call Mr A) complained that he had been wrongly refused entry to Bloomfield Road for the Blackpool v Derby County Football League Championship match on Wednesday 17 August 2011.

  Ejection at the Crystal Palace v Watford match 09.11.2010 742k  
    A young man (a university student) complained that he was ejected from the Crystal Palace stadium on 9 November 2010 for no good cause when he was watching the game as an away Watford supporter.

  A four match ban on a supporter of Leicester City 12.07.2011 745k  
    A Leicester City season ticket holder complained that he was unfairly treated by the Club in imposing a 4-match ban following his ejection from the Leicester City v Coventry City game on 26 February 2011.

  Disorder at the Southampton v Manchester United FA Cup Tie 03.06.2011 806k  
    A woman complained that when she took her sister, who suffers from severe epilepsy, to see the Manchester United (Man U) FA cup match at Southampton on 29 January 2011, the Southampton stewards had failed to prevent their view being obstructed by Man U fans standing in front of them.

  The FA's handling of a complaint about a failure to enforce FA rules 15.04.2011 814k  
    The acting secretary of a local football club complained that in his dealings with his local League and his CFA, there had been an almost complete lack of enforcement and a lack of comprehension and application of statutory FA Rules relating to the qualification of players; and that when he referred the matter to the FA’s Registration Department, the FA’s Disciplinary Department wrongly took on the matter and wrongly associated it with the Football Debt Recovery (FDR) system.

  The refusal to sell a season ticket at Southampton FC 01.02.2011 760k  
    The complainant, a long-standing supporter who had been a season ticket holder for some 30 years, complained that Southampton FC refused to let him purchase a season ticket for the 2010-11 season.  
  Ejection at Crystal Palace,
16 March 2010
13.12.2010 771k  
    The complainant expressed his strong concern about what he deemed to be his wrongful ejection from Selhurst Park, where he had attended as a Leicester City supporter.  
  The Football Association’s handling of a child protection complaint 02.12.2010 758k  
    The complainant made a number of complaints against the actions of a youth football club for whom her 12 years’ old son played, against her County Football Association (CFA), and about the way in which the Football Association had handled her subsequent complaint about the club and the CFA.  
  A financial dispute and its consequences at Burnely 20.10.2010 788k  
    A long-standing Burnley supporter was involved in a financial dispute with the Club relating to the “Chairman’s Pledge”.  
  Ejections at Manchester United January 2010 06.09.2010 794k  
    A long-standing Manchester United season ticket holder, who attended the match against Burnley on 16 January 2010, complained that he and his adult son (also a season ticket holder) were unjustly ejected from the ground.  
  The Complaints Procedure
at Tottenham Hotspur and the Football Association
06.09.2010 790k  
    A long-standing Tottenham Hotspur supporter was disciplined by the Club following her alleged improper behaviour while acting as a carer at the Spurs v Fulham cup tie on 23 March 2010.  
  Delayed Entry at the Carling Cup Semi-Final January 2010 22.06.2010 792k  
    A Manchester United season ticket holder, who attended the Carling Cup Semi-Final tie at Manchester City, complained that his entry was delayed because of some malfunction in the access system.  
  Ejection of Fans at the Manchester City v Chelsea Match on 5 December 2009 22.06.2010 800k  
    A long-standing Manchester City supporter and season ticket holder complained that he and his son had been unjustifiably ejected from the Eastlands Stadium at the Chelsea game in December 2009 and that his representations to the Club have not been properly considered.  
  The Football Association's Handling of a Complaint 22.06.2010 796k  
    JSSI complained about the way in which the FA had handled their representations about the recruitment of their registered players by BRFC.  
  Ejection of Fans at the Fulham v Liverpool Match on 31 October 2009 10.03.2010 804k  
    A man complained that he, his father and son, and a friend had been unjustifiably ejected from Craven Cottage, and that his subsequent complaints were mishandled.   
  Ejection of Fan at the Wigan Athletic v Manchester City Match on 18 October 2009 10.03.2010 808k  
    A 60 years’ old professional gentleman, a Manchester City supporter, complained that stewards and police had not taken appropriate action on his complaints about racist chanting by Wigan fans, and had then unjustifiably ejected him from the ground.   
  Delayed Entry at the Charlton Athletic v Crystal Palace Match 25.09.2009 800k  
    A man, who arranged for several members of his family to attend this match, complained about undue delay in gaining admission through the away turnstiles.   
  Complaints About the Cost of Tickets for Away Fans in the Premier League 25.09.2009 796k  
    The complainant, a Sunderland fan, made a number of complaints in connection with the pricing by certain Premier League clubs of tickets for away fans.  
  Charlton Athletic FC Stewarding and Ejections at the Crystal Palace Match 14.07.2009 808k  
    A Crystal Palace supporter, who describes himself as a mature, middle-class professional with no record of public disorder, complained about his treatment by Charlton Athletic club stewards at the match held on 27 January 2009.  
  Nottingham Forest Ticketing Policy for Disabled Fans 22.04.2009 780k  
    On 27 November 2008 a man (the complainant) complained to the IFO about disabled access at Nottingham Forest FC (Forest), with specific reference to his nephew.  
  The Football League’s Treatment of Luton Town FC 14.04.2009 804k  
    A Luton supporter complained about a number of issues surrounding the penalty of 20 points imposed on Luton Town FC (Luton) by The Football League.  
  The FA's Treatment Of Luton Town 01.11.2008 804k  
    A Luton supporter complained about a number of issues surrounding the penalty
of 10 points imposed on Luton Town FC (Luton) by the FA. 


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